FASUNWON, Adebayo Folorunso
Department of Political Science
Faculty of the Social Sciences
Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko;

Human resources are indispensable to the growth and development of public enterprises.
Therefore, the efficiency and effectiveness of these resources determine to a large extent the
continuity, survival and service delivery of institutions of government. However, researches have
shown that workers’ productivity is dependent on several factors. Scholars have investigated
remuneration, and work environment amongst others to explain workers’ productivity. However,
there is paucity of studies on the influence of knowledge and implementation of conditions of
service, especially in knowledge-based government institutions, on workers’ productivity. This
study employed survey research, using multistage sampling techniques to elicit information from
workers in a knowledge-based institution. 350 participants willingly participated in the survey
and results were analyzed with descriptive and inferential statistics. The study found that, the
existence of conditions of service is essential in guiding behavioural attitudes of workers and
knowledge of these conditions promotes efficiency of workers in the workplace. However, when
management are partial or are reluctant to implement established conditions of service, workers’
productivity and commitment to work are reduced. Thus, the study recommends that Unions and
administrations of organisations should ensure that employees have adequate knowledge of
conditions of service in order to develop efficiently productive work culture. The study also
recommends that management of public institutions should be fairness in their implementation of
conditions of service in order to enhance the productivity of workers.
Keywords: Condition of service, knowledge-based institutions, productivity public service

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