Table Of Content

Volume 25, Issue 1 (February 2024)

Volume 24, Special Edition (November 2023)

Volume 24, Issue 2a

Volume 24, Issue 2b

NJOMS Volume 24, Issue 1a, (August, 2023)

Qualitative analysis of succession planning and sustainability of block making firms in Kwara State Nigeria Mustapha, R. O., Nassir, B. A., & Olusegun, D. O. 1-7

Strategy implementation and organizational performance of deposit money banks in Nigeria Nwani, B. S., & Odiri, V. I. O. 8-20

Improving sales volume of small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs): Relevance of business strategies Uwasomba, C. E., & Boniface, M. O. 21-32

Incentives and performance of employees of manufacturing firms in River State Chukwuma, N. N. 33-40

Green practices and stock market performance of deposit money banks in Nigeria: A dynamic panel data analysis approach Egbadju, L. U., & Chijioke, W. I. 41-51

Financial deepening and capital market efficiency in Nigeria Anyamaobi, C., & Okey-Nwala, P. O. 52-65

Driving customer loyalty through premiums: The experience of bottling companies in Rivers State Ogonu, G. C., Hamilton-Ibama, E. L. 66-73

Distribution strategies and marketing performance: A focus on the Nigeria brewery industry Ohai, I., & Iyadi, R. C. 74-83

Do auditors’ characteristics enhance quality of financial reporting in Nigeria? Egbadju, L. U., & Chijioke, W. I. 84-101

Determinants of deposit money bank credit to manufacturing sector in Nigeria Ademola, A. O., & Afolabi, D. O. 102-117

Corporate planning and organizational performance: A study of insurance firms in Nigeria Enweazu, O. C., Okonji, P. S., & Olayemi, O. O. 118-129

Environmental accounting practices and net profit of quoted oil and gas companies in Nigeria Damieibi, I. J. 130-140

Technological challenges of accounting as a tool for socio-economic development in Nigeria and the way out Sanni, M. R., Adegoke, A. K., Abu, J. A., & Ojo, J. A. 141-153

Corporate social responsibility and accounting-based financial performance of listed consumer goods companies in Nigeria Yunusa, G., Jerry, M. S., & Ayuba, Toma 154-164

Moderating effect of risk committee presence on the nexus between CEO characteristics and dividend policy: Evidence from listed companies in Nigeria Abdulwahab, A. I., Bala, H., Yahaya, O. A., & Khatoon, G. 165-176

Credit Risk And Profitability Of Deposit Money Banks In Nigeria

Fixed income security market and Nigeria’s capital market performance Owoeye, S. D., Olabisi, J., Olowoyo, B. J., & Dada, M. A. 177-185

Performance of small and medium-scale agribusinesses in Rivers State: The efficacy of channelbonding capability Ateke, B. W., & Godday, R. L. 186-201

Corporate ethics: A tool for organizational performance Badey, P. K., & Korsi, G. D. 202-210

Corporate governance mechanisms and tax avoidance among deposit money banks in Nigeria Yahaya, A., Abdulkadir, J., & Lawal, A. B. 211-223

Role of negotiation in buyer supplier relationship in the Nigerian oil and gas industry Nwankiti, C. O., Air, C. 224-232

Macroeconomic variables and productivity of Nigeria’s manufacturing sector Anochie, U. C., Okereafor, G., & Bashir, M. O. 233-242

Employee performance appraisal and career advancement in Nigerian public organizations: An explicatory review Arimie, C. J., & Orobosa, A. I. 243-252

Appropriate rationalization of value-added tax and human development index Ogonda, G. O., Wikpe, C. J., & Zukbee, J. D. 253-260

Monetary incentives and workers’ performance: A study of Crown Flour Mills, Chikun local government Kaduna State Zakwai, S., & Zakwai, S. 261-274

Subcontracting and organizational performance: A case study of Nigerian Bottling Company Okon, N. B. 275-287

Intellectual capital and dividend policy formulation: Evidence from Nigeria’s non-financial firms Adenle, O. E., Adeoye, L. A., Adamu, D., & Mbah, F. I. 288-296

Branding: Concept, essence and marketing imperatives Okereafor, G., Ogungbangbe, B. M., & Anyanwu, A. 297-308

Electronic banking adoption and performance of deposit money banks in Nigeria Mboto, H. W., Takon, S. M., Bekom, A. O., Nkamare, S. E., & Asukwo, J. I. 309-317

Supply chain management practices and SMEs performance: Role of information technology capability Igashi, M., Ringim, K. J., Bugaje, I. B., & Sambo, H. S. 318-330

Brand image and customer patronage of petroleum products in Calabar metropolis Anyadighibe, J. A., Ezekiel, M. S., Awara, N. F., & Udey-Mgbado, L. O. 331-340

Socio-Economic development among women in Jos, Plateau State: The place of skill acquisition Okoye, N., & Amehojo, D. 341-348

Electronic banking systems and the performance of deposit money banks in Nigeria Gbanador, M. A. 349-360

Disclosure and transparency under international corporate governance network and disclosure requirements under international financial reporting standards. A. 361-370

NJOMS Volume 24, Issue 1b, (February, 2023)

Rethinking fiscal responsibility for better governance in Nigeria Otalor, J. I., Kankpang, A. K., & Ayanbeshishie, S. A. 1-11

Performance of small and medium-scale enterprises in Imo State: The effects of financing decisions and working capital management John, B. A., Tsaku, D. I., & Amadi, U. R. 12-20

Big data tools and performance of agribusiness in Rivers State Dick, A. S., Elekwachi, H. N., & Alalibo, O. O. 21-31

Accounting estimates and profitability of listed agricultural companies in Nigeria Okafor, V. I., & Egiyi, M. A. 32-41

Interest rate spread and deposit money banks’ performance in Nigeria: A comparative analysis of performance indicators Ariwa, F. O., & Uremadu, S. O. 42-48

Environmental information disclosures and value of agro-manufacturing firms in Nigeria Iyoha, A. I., & Igbinovia, I. M. 49-61

Management accounting techniques and performance of SMEs in Nigeria: Moderating role of accounting information quality Oladele, T. O., Alagbe, E. A., & Ojo, O. I. 62-73

Tourism potentials of colonial relics and implications for development of Lokoja community, Kogi State, Nigeria Chikezie, J., Adedeji, E. O., Attahiru, H., & Meduna, P. N. 74-80

Foreign direct investment inflows and non-oil exports in Nigeria: A VAR investigation Alugbuo, J. C., Eze, E., & Osuji, O. 81-96

Financial deepening and liquidity of Nigeria’s capital market: A time series study Lenyie, L., Rogers-Banigo, I., & Omubo-Pepple, S. N. 97-109

Assessment of entrepreneurship education as a tool for self-reliance in Adamawa State tertiary institutions, Nigeria Shuwa, A. S., Ahmed, U., & Gambo, I. 110-116

Cloud computing capability and organizational communication of public tertiary institutions in Rivers State Elekwachi, H. N., Dick, A. S., & Omunakwe, P. O. 117-125

Customized workplace tools and productivity of oil and gas servicing firms in Rivers State, Nigeria Echendu, S. I. 126-133

Organizational performance: The imperatives of employee engagement and job satisfaction Oyebanji, S. O., Folorunsho, I. T., Dada, O., Adeagbo, K. R., Adeniji, O. D., & Olaleye, Z. O. 134-143

Impact of corporate social responsibility on brand image of MTN in Nigeria Kwagga J. F. K., & Samuel, E., & Medugu, M. H. 144-153

Conflict management styles and performance of Nigerian Agip Oil Company in Egbema, Rivers State ISAAC, O. I. 154-162

Brand positioning and marketing wellness of food and beverage firms in Rivers State Agburum, O., & Enin, U. E. 163-172

Sustainability reporting and corporate survival of selected oil and gas companies in Nigeria Mbu-Ogar, G. B. Kangkpang, K. A., Nkiri, J. E., & Amoke, C. V. 173-182

Tax revenue and economic growth in a developing economy: Evidence from Nigeria Kwode, E. I., & Dania, E. 183-191

Customer data management and marketing effectiveness of upscale dining restaurants in Port Harcourt Adiele, K. C., Jaja, H. P., & Kenneth-Adiele, N. 192-203

Employee benefit schemes and company performance in Lagos State, Nigeria Oladejo, D. A., Aderinto C. O., Obadare, G. O., & Oladunjoye, O. T. 204-213

Electronic health record and patient satisfaction in public hospitals: Moderating role of operational efficiency Gumus, M. A., Andah, R. A., & Muhammad, M. K. 214-223

Leader mindfulness and sustainability of major multinational oil and gas companies in Rivers State Chigbu, I. E., & Olomi, P. O. 224-236

Job enlargement and commitment of employees of insurance companies in Rivers State, Nigeria Owhorji, S., & Bayo, P. L. 237-244

Employee cultural diversity and organisational performance in Adamawa State University Mubi Fudamu, A. U. 245-256

Predicting mobile phone attributes that influence customer satisfaction using the Kano model Iluno, E. C., Usman, N., Agina, E. K., & Umoru, H. E. 257-267

Product quality and loyalty of consumers of star lager beer in Enugu metropolis, Nigeria Aniuga, C., Adindu, C. P., & Obasiabara, B. O. 268-276

Job enrichment and organizational efficiency: A study of Niger Flour Mills Calabar, Nigeria Egbe, S. E., & Aturu-Aghedo, C. 277-285

Service differentiation and marketing performance of domestic airlines in Nigeria Adiele, K. C., Amesi, P. C., & Wejinya, S. W. 286-294

An investigation of supply chain disruption mitigation strategies: Evidence from Kaduna, Nigeria Musa, A., & Ali, I. L. 295-302

Adaptive marketing strategies: A panacea for business stability in the Covid-19 era Ogah, A. V., & Iyaji, E. I. 303-312

Causes and management of stress amongst hotel employees in Ilorin west local government area, Kwara State, Nigeria Chikezie, J., Adedeji, E. O., Meduna, P. N., & Joshua, D. A. 313-320

Exchange rate volatility and import volume: X-raying Nigeria’s economic dependence Agbaeze, C. C., Alamba, S. C., & Ejelonu, H. O. 321-334

Human resources management practices and employee retention of government-owned hospitals in Port Harcourt Chukwuma, N. N. 335-343

Financial leverage and profitability of recapitalized banks in Nigeria from 2010 – 2021 Okeke, P. C. 344-351

Banking sector reform and financial performance of deposit money banks in Nigeria Akani, Henry Waleru 352-363

Mediating Effect Of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour On The Relationship Between Organizational Justice And Turnover Intention. | IKYANYON, Darius N. &  AGBATAR, Patricia A.

NJOMS Volume 23, Issue 2, (August, 2022)

  1. Data warehouse: A tool for organizational efficiency Chinyere, J. O.
  2. Condition of service and workers’ productivity in knowledge-based public institutions Fasunwon, A. F.
  3. Assessment of intellectual, social and affective (ISA) engagement of academics in Nigerian Universities Nwachukwu, C., & Osa-Izeko, E.
  4. Government anti-corruption instruments’ unity and prosecution of corrupt public officers: Accounting practitioners’ perspective Osagioduwa, L. O., Mozie, E. P., Ogudo, O. O., & Uyi, N.
  5. Perceived organisational support and job-related wellbeing in Nigeria universities Nwachukwu, C., & Omofowa, S.
  6. Consumer-Brand knowledge and relationship: Dynamics of the marketspace for Bournvita beverage drink Sanni, S. A.
  7. Appraisal of forensic accounting techniques as a tool for fighting financial crimes in Nigeria Nwaoligbo, V. C., &Okoro, O. L.
  8. Implementation challenges and impact of Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) on the Nigerian public sector Ogiriki, T., & Atagboro, E.
  9. Employees’ affective commitment and organizational growth in the hospitality industry in Rivers State Fidelis, R. O.
  10. Dividend decisions and profitability of quoted food and beverages firms in Nigeria Akani, H. W., & James, S. A.
  11. Organizational change and productivity of deposit money banks’ staff in Port Harcourt Chukwuma, N. N.
  12. Human resource management and resilience of service firms in the post Covid-19 era Nwachukwu, P. I., Sokari, N. M., Nwibaedee, L., & Potopregha, M.
  13. Capital market development and capital formation in Nigeria Anyamaobi, C., & Okey-Nwala, P. O.
  14. Employee motivation and organizational performance amidst Covid-19 Pandemic Arisi-Nwugballa, E. A., Emaimo, J., Nwankwoala, C. J., & Nwachukwu, U. L.  
  15. Entrepreneurial ventures and insecurity in Nigeria: A case of selected enterprises in Kaduna State Ekoja, G. O., Tamunomoni, A. C. B., Okafor, C. A., & Okpebenyo, W.
  16. Pension fund investment and economic development in Nigeria Ogonda, Gift. O., & Okiakpe, E. K.
  17. Employee recognition and industrial harmony: The experience of multinational oil companies in Rivers State Badey, P. K., & Korsi, G. D.
  18. Strategic thinking and performance of small and medium-scale enterprises in South-south Nigeria Onoriode, O. H.
  19. Influence of brand personality on purchase decision of buyers of smartphone in Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria Adindu, C. P., & Aniuga, C.`
  20. The role of trust in the strategic management process: An empirical dimension to trust develop ment in the strategy management process Bayo, P. L., & Gabriel, J. M. O.
  21. The effect of inflation on return on investment in Nigeria Fashagba, M. O., Atsanan, A., Yadok, N. G., & Adebayo, T. Y.
  22. Green computing and wellbeing of employees of indigenous oil companies in Rivers State Bestman, A. E., & Obadan, V. M.
  23. Entrepreneurship skills required by secondary school graduates in pepper fruit (Dennettia tripetala) production enterprises in Kogi State Yahaya, J., Ameh, T. A., & Alexander, O.
  24. Psychological capital and employee involvement among money deposit banks in Port Harcourt Olomi, P. O., & Merue, E. O.
  25. Price fairness and customer loyalty of food and beverage industry in Port Harcourt Ogonu, G. C., & Ihunwo, E. C.
  26. Justification of environmental accounting report in product and process design of manufacturing companies Abdulkareem, I. T., Godwin, C., & Inedu, C.
  27. Survival of small and medium scale enterprises: the role of micro-finance banks: A study of Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro Microfinance Bank Ogun State Fatogun, O. I.
  28. Search convenience and satisfaction of customers of independent petroleum product marketers in Port Harcourt Owuso, S. M., & Ebenuwa, A.  
  29. Perception of workplace politics and employee performance: Empirical evidence from infant firms in Southwest Nigeria Oladejo, D. A., Obadare, G. O., & Samuel, A. O.
  30. Human resource forecasting and effectiveness of manufacturing firms in Rivers State Osho, O. K., Nwachukwu, P. I., & Walter, O. G.
  31. Leadership styles and leadership qualities for organizational success: A review of literature Pembi, S., Usman, F. I., Kwajaffa, B. F., & Ametefe, M. D.
  32. Investigating public secondary school teachers’ attitude towards purchase of micro-insurance products in Nigeria Bamgbose, O. S., Olufawo, H. S., Tairu, F. G., & James, M.T.
  33. Relationship between board size and tax compliance in listed consumer goods firms in Nigeria Sanni, M. R., Ojedele, M. I., Soyinka, K. A., & Abu, J. A.
  34. Does interest rate affect the growth of small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria? Ashogbon, M. B. A., Onyenebo, I. N., & Orefuwa, F. I.
  35. Effects of political marketing on political attitude among youths in Nigeria: 2023 presidential election in focus Aniuga, C., Adindu, C. P., Okonkwo, R. V., & Obasiabara, B. O.
  36. Relevance of capital structure in a global village Ashogbon, M. B. A.
  37. The moderating role of risk preferences on the effect of tax amnesty on tax compliance Auwal, A., Abdulkadir, A., & Sani, S.
  38. A qualitative evaluation of compatibility of digital banking channels and behaviour of Nigerian consumers Salau, A. A., Oladosu, M. O., Akanbi, K. L., & Ajeigbe, M. B.
  39. Business ethics and performance of quick service restaurants in Rivers State Nwachukwu, P. I., Walter, O. G., & Agbenyo, J. U.
  40. Qualitative Analysis Of Succession Planning And Sustainability Of Block Making Firms In Kwara State Nigeria.
  41. Human resource information systems and product offering of manufacturing firms in Rivers State, Nigeria Obara, C. E., & Ekweozor, C. U.
  42. Effects of financial conditions on return on equity of deposit money banks in Nigeria Akani, E. N., & Ordu, C. N.
  43. Risk exposures in the 21th century and mitigation strategies by Nigerian small and medium-sized enterprises Banjo, K. A., Olufawo, H. S., Ogunlami, K. O., & Lawal, S. A.

NJOMS Volume 23, Issue 1, (February, 2022)          

  1. Technical efficiency of customer service centres in the Nigerian telecommunication industry using data envelopment analysis. Abiodun, A. J., Ajagbe, F. A., Ibidunni, A. S., & Solaja, O.                              
  2. Market-dynamics sensing and marketing resilience of domestic airlines in Nigeria. Ebenuwa, A.
  3. Patronage of public hospitals in Port Harcourt: The role of patients’ mind engagement. Adiele, K. C., & Ogonu, G. C.
  4. Drivers of customers’ tipping behaviour in restaurants in Lagos state, Nigeria. Akinbola, O. A.,Sanni, S. A.,Akinbola, O. S., &Akintoye, Z. A. 
  5. Determinants of profitability of deposit money banks in Nigeria. Ibrahim, A. A.,& Mashor, M. E.       
  6. Academic mentorship and lecturers’ performance: A survey of tertiary institutions in Bayelsa State. Ebisinkemefa,T., & Lucky, E. S.                                                                             
  7. Analysis of oil revenue and the Nigerian capital market: A vector autoregression approach. Babarinde, G. F., Suleiman, M. B., & Abdulmajeed, T. I.                                                                                          
  8. Service capacity utilization and competitive advantage of private medical service providers in Rivers State.  Harcourt, H.                                                                                                             
  9. The role of professional ethics in accounting and audit. Ango, N. A                                                                                                                       
  10. Supply network design decisions and service quality: Insights from paint manufacturing firms. Nwulu, C.S., & Nadube, P. M.                                                                                
  11. Unemployment in Nigeria and government’s response to youth empowerment: 2015 – 2020. Richard, P. C.                                                                                                                       
  12. Information technology application and effective tax administration in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Ihenyen, C. J.,Buseri, T., & Okoro, O. L.                                                              
  13. Effect of incentives on workers’ productivity in Seven-Up Bottling Company, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Ajagbe, F. A., Adegbite, D. O., & Abiodun, J. A.                                                    
  14. Mobile and wireless technology: A catalyst for growth of small businesses.  Ikoromasoma, E., & Agwuma, P. O.                                                                        
  15. Audit committee attributes, international financial reporting (IFRS) adoption and audit report lag among Nigerian listed firms. Ologun, V. O.    
  16. Cash positioning and financial performance of telecommunication firms in Nigeria. Olulu-Briggs, O. V., & Wobo, H. O.                                                              
  17. Determinants of efficiency in pension fund administrators in Nigeria. Ahmed, I. A., & Opusunju, M. I. 
  18. Informal financial institutions and growth of small and medium scale enterprises in Abeokuta south, Ogun state, Nigeria. Ajagbe, F. A., Adegbite, D. O., &Oladejo, D. A.                                                
  19. Entrepreneurial orientation and marketing success of agency banking operators in Port Harcourt. Amadi, L.
  20. Effects of foreign portfolio investment on financial markets performance in Nigeria. Benson, E., Amos, O.M., &Busari, A. H.                                                             
  21. Executives’ ethical leadership and salespeople’s performance: A developing market experience. Oniku, A., Kuye, O., & Nnaji, C.                                                                                  
  22. Influence of currency in circulation on economic performance in Nigeria. Isiya, O. T., & Benson, E.                    
  23. Self-awareness and sales reps performance: Insights from insurance salespeople in Port HarcourtAkani, G. H., Nwokah, N. G., & Nsirim, Q.
  24. Crisis Management in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry: The imperative of peace marketing. Jekey, L. and  Jonah T.C

International Academic Conference 2021

Vol. 22, Issue 2 (August, 2021)

  1. The Nexus Between Organizational Memory and Organizational Performance: A Study of Kresta Laurel Company in Lagos State, Nigeria by SHONUBI, Akeem Olalekan, OGUNDARE, Olusegun Samuel and OLULETI, Damilare John
  2. Job Enrichment and Employees Self-Efficacy of Indigenous Oil and Gas Servicing Companies in South–South, Nigeria by OWHORJI, Sunday and OLOMI, Progress Ovunda
  3. Data Management System and Organizational Efficiency of Deposit Money Banks in Port Harcourt, Rivers State by CHINYERE, Joy Onyinyechi and IKOROMASOMA, Emmanuel
  4. Capital Flight and Growth of Nigeria Financial Market by ANYAMAOBI, Chukwuemeka
  5. Organizational Culture and Implications on Workers’ Commitment: An Applied Study of Breweries in Nigeria by ODITA, Anthony O.
  6. Financial Deepening and Stock Market Performance in Nigeria by ANYAMAOBI, Chukwuemeka and OKEY-NWALA, Precious O.
  7. Just-In-Time Inventory Management Imports on Sales Performance of Paint Manufacturing Firms in Rivers State, Nigeria by HARCOURT, Horsfall and ALI, Faith Odage
  8. Fiscal Imbalance and Economic Development of Nigeria: Monetary and Debt Policy Response from 1983 To 2019 by ONUORAH, A. C.
  9. Does Financial Intermediation Indicators Affect Economic Growth? Empirical Evidence from the Nigerian Economy by ERHIJAKPOR, Andrew E. O. and OKO, Ezekiel O.
  10. Financial Intermediation Process and Economic Growth: Evidence from Nigeria by EHIEDU, V. C. and NWAJEI, A. C.
  11. Impact of Goodwill on Value Relevance in Listed Oil and Gas Firms in Nigeria by ASINE, Emmanuel Oseiwe, MUHAMMAD, Rahilahtu Ahmad and ANGO, Yusha’u Ibrahim
  12. Human Resources Outsourcing and Organization Performance: A Study of Manufacturing Firms in Delta State, Nigeria by IMUETINYAN, Ibobo Bridget
  13. The Effect of Covid-19 and Sustainability Marketing of Fast Food Industries in Rivers State, South-South Nigeria by NWADIGOHA, Emmanuel Ephraim
  14. The Influence of Religion and Ethnicity on Employee Productivity in Oil Servicing Companies in Lagos, Nigeria by WALE-OSHINOWO, Bamidele A. and OGUNBUFUNMI, Oluwaseyi
  15. Credit Administration and Sub-Standard Loans of Commercial Banks in Nigeria by NWOSI, Anele Andrew and AKANI, Elfreda Nwakaego
  16. Strategic Agility and Sales Growth: The Moderating Effect of Firm Size in Quoted Breweries in Nigeria by EBIKEBENA, E. Red-well, BAYO, P. L. and IBAMA-HAMILTON, Edith-Onajite Lolia
  17. Nature-Based Tourism Attractiveness and Visitors’ Satisfaction in Cross River State, Nigeria by AKONG, Blessing Mbala and ESU, Fidela Bassey
  18. Risk Management Strategies and Capital Investment Decision in Nigeria’s Banking Sector by AKANI, Elfreda Nwakaego and KUROTAMUNOBARAOMI, Tamunosiki
  19. Managing Entrepreneurship Education in Public Universities in South-South, Nigeria for the Attainment of Sustainable Development Goals by POI, Godwin and LEBURA, Sorbarikor
  20. Building Employee Attitudes Through Human Resource Practices: Evidence From A Public Hospital In Makurdi. IKYANYON, Darius N. & AGBER, Isaac A.

Vol. 22, Issue 1 (February, 2021)

Reverse Logistics Practices and Sales Growth of Starline Nigeria Limited, Abia State by AHAIWE, Emmanuel Onyedikachi and NWADIGOHA, Emmanuel Ephraim

Marketing Corporate Governance and Strategic Leadership to SMEs in the Informal Sector: The Need for a Paradigm Shift for Sustainable Economic Development by SUNNY, Ekakitie Emonena

How Innovation Culture Affects Corporate Performance: A Literature Review ZEB-OBIPI, Isaac and MADUABUCHI, Chinyere Emeka

Effect of Frontline Functionality on Customer Patronage of Four Star Hotels in Port Harcourt Rivers State, Nigeria by NWADIGOHA, Emmanuel Ephraim and AHAIWE, Emmanuel Onyedikachi

Impact of Ethical Issues on Workplace Deviant Behaviour in Food and Beverages Companies in Kaduna by ABUBAKAR, Hadiza S., ABDUL-QADIR, Ahmed B. and YAURI, Hafsat Yahaya

Employee Stress Management and Organizational Performance: Evidence from Healthcare Sector in Nigeria by EGBERI, Agbarha Kelvin and OLUFOLAHAN, Omayeli Mary

Effect of Service Quality on Customer Loyalty of Food and Beverages Companies in Kaduna State by ABDUL-QADIR, Ahmed B., ABUBAKAR, Hadiza S. and UTOMI, Queensley

Working Capital Management and Profitability of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Rivers State by TONY-OBIOSA, Ruth Lessi and IBAMA, Kellyiyi Chika Kelly

Corporate Resources Utilization and Organizational Implementation of Strategies in Quoted Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria by EGBUHUZOR, Celestine Anayo, OGONDA, Gift Orokwele and ORDU, Chile Umezurike

Internal Audit Function and Financial Performance of Telecommunication Firms in Nigeria by IBAMA, Kellyiyi Chika Kelly and DAVID, Kennedy Dokubo

Dynamic Marketing Capabilities and Adaptability of Hospitality Firms in Rivers State by ATEKE, Brown Walter and NWULU, Chinyere Stella

Sustainability Reporting and Corporate Performance: Evidence from Listed Companies in Nigeria by OHAKA, John and OBI, Happiness Ijeoma

Understanding Work Behaviour through the Lens of the Component Technologies of Organizational Learning by ASAWO, S. P.

Capital Flight and Dynamics of Stock Prices: A Time Variant Analysis from Nigeria Stock Exchange by ANYAMAOBI, Chukwuemeka and ROGERS-BANIGO, Idanyingi

Vol. 21, Issue 1 and 2 (August, 2020)

Quality Customer Care Practices for Sustainable Customer Satisfaction: Empirical Evidence from the Hotel Sector in Rivers State by OBIORA, Judipat N. and ETUK, Joseph S.

Social Work Environment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Telecommunication Companies in Port Harcourt, Rivers State by OLOMI, Progress Ovunda and NNA, Florence

Knowledge Management Processes and Organization Efficiency: A Study of Selected Firms in Delta State Nigeria by ARUBAYI, Damaro Olusoji

Entrepreneurship Development Exposure and the Performance of Women Entrepreneurs in Delta State, Nigeria: An Exploratory Study by ODITA Anthony O.

Financial Incentives and Employee Performance: A Case Study of Nigerian Copyright Commission by SALAMI, Akeem Olanrewaju, OLAIFA, Oluwagbenga Oladele, KOLAWOLE, Olowookere Johnson and RAHMON, Tella Adeniran

Mortgage Industry Financial Risk Tolerance and Mortgage Banks Credit Delivery in Nigeria by ALAGBA, Ochuko S., AWA, Kalu Idika and EDIRI, Ugherughe

Relational Capital and Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State by DICKSON, Rachel Konyefa and OYEINKORIKIYE, Stephan Isaiah

A Critical Review of Jeffrey Pfeffer’s Thesis on Perspectives on Action, Levels of Analysis and Theories of Organisation by ASAWO, Soye Peniel and LEBURA, Sorbarikor

Social Commerce in a Digital Economy: A Review of Literature by GABRIEL, Justin M. O. and GABRIEL, Linda O. J.

Capital Market Growth and Equity Financing of Quoted Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria by AKANI, Henry Waleru  

Tax Incentives and Corporate Investment: Evidence from Manufacturing Firms in Rivers State, Nigeria by AGWOR, ThankGod, C. and FYNEFACE, Tamuno-opubo Lugard

Brand Competency and Brand Performance of Cosmetics and Health Products Firms in Rivers State by HORSFALL, Harcourt and NWOKAH, Juliet Gladson

Interpersonal Justice and Customer Behaviour of Beverage Manufacturing Firms in Port Harcourt, Nigeria by OGONU, Chituru Gibson and HAMILTON-IBAMA, Edith-Onajite Lolia

Exchange Rate Volatility and Manufacturing Sector Output in Nigeria by KUROTAMUNOBARAOMI, Tamunosiki, AKANI, Elfreda N. and NWOSI, Anele A.

Disruptive Technologies and Productivity of Soft Drinks Manufacturing Firms in South-South, Nigeria by BAYO, Princewill L. and RED-WELL, Ebikebena E.

Non-Interest Banking and the Growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria by OLUNUGA, O. A.

Last Mile Logistics and On-Time Delivery of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in Delta State and Rivers State, Nigeria by BAGSHAW, Karibo Benaiah and OGWU, Kevwe Rita

Refining Organizational Citizenship Behavior through Work Engagement and Spirituality by IBOBO, Bridget, BENJAMIN, Nwajei and HENRY, Olannye

Employees’ Perception of Internal Marketing and Service Delivery of Fast Food Retail Outlets in Benue State by NKWUAGBA, John A., UDODIRIM, Chukwuemeka and NJOKU, Princewill O.

Demographic Antecedents of Upward Influence Strategy in Public Institutions in Nigeria by ARUOREN, Emmanuel Ejiroghene

Macroeconomic Variables and Banks’ Return on Assets in Nigeria by EHIEDU, Victor Chukwunweike

Ease-of-Navigation and E-Marketing Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Port Harcourt, Nigeria by Ordah, John Makelemi and ADIELE, Kenneth C.