BADEY, Paul Kadilobari
Department of Management
Faculty of Management Sciences
Rivers State University
KORSI, Gbarale Doonu
Department of Management,
Faculty of Management Sciences
Rivers State University
Corporate organizations comprise individuals who identify with the vision, mission and goals of the
organization in terms of meeting socio-economic needs of a target market. These individuals upon
identifying with organization, guide themselves with the rules and norms of the organizations and the
environment, in the course of satisfying the needs of a target market, and making profits in return. When
social rules guide a business concern, it is called corporate ethics. This study, anchored on the
organizational embeddedness theory, and set out to identify the roles of corporate ethics in
organizational performance. The study, which was entirely a review of literature, found that corporate
ethics are products of social rules and norms guiding processes, leading to the production of desirable
products. The study also found that corporate ethics is the teleprompter for training and efficient
performance of workers. The study concludes that corporate ethics drive organizational performance,
and recommends that organizations that want to achieve improved performance should be guided by
rules and norms that align with socially accepted standards of business conduct.
Keywords: Corporate ethics, market share, organizational performance, organizational embeddedness

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