Crisis Management in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry: The imperative of peace marketing. Jekey, L. and Jonah T.C


The study examined the nexus between peace marketing, represented as peace creation and crisis management, measured in terms of crisis prevention and crisis mitigation. The study adopted the survey research design; while its population comprise oil and gas multinational companies in South-south Nigeria. A total of two hundred and forty two (242) management level staff of the oil and gas multinational companies were sampled. The study used a structured questionnaire to collect primary data, and analyzed same using the Pearson Product Moment Correlation statistic. The study found that peace marketing in the form of peace creation positively and significantly relates to crisis management. This study concludes that peace marketing represented as peace creation; facilitate crisis management through crisis prevention and crisis mitigation. The study thus, recommends that multinational oil and gas companies in Nigeria that desire to optimally manage crises in their host communities should embrace peace creation as peace marketing. They should identify and provide solutions to problems of host communities; endeavour to uphold memorandum of understanding reached with them; and respect their beliefs, culture and values in order to avert crisis.Keywords: Peace marketing, crisis management, crisis mitigation, crisis prevention

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