FUDAMU, Aliyu Umaru
Department of Business Administration
Adamawa State University, Mubi-Nigeria
The objective of this study was to examine the effect of employee cultural diversity on organizational
performance at Adamawa State University Mubi. The study adopted a survey research design and
collected primary data in a cross-sectional survey. The population of the study 824, comprising 232
academic staff and 592 non-academic staff of different cadres. The sample size for this study was 269
which was determined using Taro Yemani Formula. Convenience was used to arrive at the test units
this study. A questionnaire served as the research instrument. Quantitative data collected were coded
into Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20.0, cross-checked for entry errors, and
analysed. Regression analysis was used to test the relationship between dimensions of the
independent variable and the dependent variable. The study found positive and statistically significant
effect employee cultural diversity (language diversity, value diversity and religious diversity) on
organizational performance. The study concludes that organizational performance at Adamawa State
University Mubi depends on language diversity, value diversity and religious diversity of employees
and recommends that management Adamawa State University Mubi should maintain standard and
generally acceptable cultural values that do not jeopardize the integrity of their employees’
performance in the institution.
Keyword: Employee cultural diversity, language diversity, organizational performance, religion
diversity, value diversity

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