Drivers of customers’ tipping behaviour in restaurants in Lagos state, Nigeria. Akinbola, O. A.,Sanni, S. A.,Akinbola, O. S., &Akintoye, Z. A


The motivation to assist servers, to reward service personnel, to gain or sustain future special service, to gain or uphold social regard such as approval, status, liking and fulfilling felt duties and obligations primarily drive tipping. This study examined the factors that motivate tipping behaviours of customers in Nigeria’s restaurant context. The study used survey research approach to provide a comprehensive overview of the variable studied through primary data. The study sampled a total of 102 respondents using a structured questionnaire. Data analyses was done using linear regression, and was aided by the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The study reveals that quality of service, bill size and group size are three important factors that influence tipping behaviour. The therefore concludes that tipping behaviour of consumers depends on quality of service, bill size and group size; and recommends that restaurant managers should develop training programs that help their workforce deliver premium services to develop the enterprise and better understand that only happy customers return for further patronage and tips good behaviour.

Keywords: Felt obligations, motivation factors, service quality, tipping, tipping behavior

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