Federal College of Wildlife Management, P.M.B 268, New Bussa, Niger State, Nigeria
ALIYU Bello Mohammed
Baba Ahmed University, No 306, Sharada Industrial Estate, Phase 1, Kano, Nigeria
AWAL Adamu Bussa
Federal College of Wildlife Management, P.M.B 268, New Bussa, Niger State, Nigeria
Federal College of Wildlife Management, P.M.B 268, New Bussa, Niger State, Nigeria
*Corresponding Author:

An attraction site is a crowd pooling facility particularly when characterized with attributes that are
appealing to visitors and tourist expectations while contrast to these will immensely affect patronage and
indeed economic growth. The study explored the perceived impact of tourist’s attractions on economic
growth in Jebba community, Nigeria with specific emphasis of finding out the influence of these
attractions on economic growth in the study area. The study populations were the Village heads,
custodians of the attraction sites, and the tourist, while the sample size was 120 respondents. Purposive
and accidental sampling methods were used whereby the village heads were purposively sampled,
because they would be able to give accurate information about the attraction sites in the area while same
purposive sampling was adopted also to sample the custodians of the attraction sites and accidental
sampling technique was used to sample tourists. However, only 91 administered questionnaires were
retrieved and used for analysis with the aid of Special Package for Social Science (SPSS) and results were
presented in frequency, percentage and mean coefficients and further presented in tables. The study
reveals the various attractions in Jebba community which was achieved through personal observation. The
study further shows the influence of the attractions on economic growth in the study area in which
respondents indicated that it enhances tourism activities in the area from the mean coefficients. The study
further shows the developmental status where respondents indicated that the attraction sites are partially
developed. Conclusively, the challenges facing the management of the sites from the study it shows that
poor funding, neglect of cultural heritage sites and lack of skilled personnel in handling issues of tourism
were the most challenging problems in the study area respectively. As a result of the above, a number of
recommendations were made which included adequate funding of attraction sites by government, creation
of awareness to the public of the importance of the attractions, maintenance and conservation of cultural
heritage to avoid neglect, providing tourists with quality experience to promote tourism sites and finally,
skilled man power should be given opportunity to handle the attraction sites.

Keywords: Attractions, economic, growth, impact, tourist

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