ODEH, Lawrence O.
Department of Political Science and Public Administration,
Faculty of Social and Management Sciences
Benson Idahosa University Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.,
OLADEJO, Joseph O.
Department of Public Administration,
Faculty of Social Sciences,
University of Benin Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
The paper examined the role of public administrators in innovations in collaborative governance. The study
used secondary method of data collection, which relies on consulting text books, academic journal articles,
government documents and circulars, internet sources, and personal observation. The various concepts
central to the work (collaborative governance and innovation) were conceptualized. Also, the imperatives
of innovations in collaborative governance were explored. An examination of literature reveal that public
administrators play tremendous roles in innovative collaborative governance, such as: the selection of teams
of innovators, which would determine who to partner with, in a collaborative governance arrangement;
clarifying the distinctive roles of the various collaborative actors; enhancing interactions and exchange
between participants in collaborative governance; ensuring political support for the search for innovative
solutions in a collaborative governance initiatives; directing the collective search for innovative solutions;
holding meetings with, and coordinating various collaborative actors; creating a common platform of
understanding and mutual cooperation among collaborative partners; ensuring that conflicts are
collectively resolved among collaborative partners; creating a sense of urgency that stimulate initiation and
sustenance of collaborative governance.
Keywords: Collaborative governance, innovation, partnership, public administrator.

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