– Nature-Based Tourism Attractiveness And Visitors’ Satisfaction In Cross River State, Nigeria

AKONG, Blessing Mbala

Department of Marketing, University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria



ESU, Fidela Bassey

Department of Continuing Education and Development Studies,

University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria



This study examines the attributes that determine nature-based tourism attractiveness and effect on visitors’ satisfaction in Cross River State, Nigeria. Data were collected from six nature-based tourism outfits in four Local Government Areas; Obanlikwu, Etung, Akamkpa and Calabar Municipality in the Northern, Central and South Senatorial Districts respectively. The research design used was the survey method.  Disproportionate stratified sample of 388 was used for the study. Six empirical referents of the independent variable (Physical environment, location accessibility, security, service quality, promotion media and friendliness of host communities) were examined and effect on visitors’ satisfaction was established. The simple linear regression analysis was used to test the relationship between visitors’ satisfaction and the attributes of nature-based tourism attractiveness with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 20. The findings revealed that the six dimension of the independent variable have weak positive significant effect on visitors’ satisfaction with nature-based tourism. Hence, we recommend that state tourism marketers, managers and industry practitioners have the compelling need to project nature-based tourism attractiveness and visitors’ satisfaction in such a way that would make visitors and prospects alike to see, feel and smell hospitality in Cross River State. Keywords: Nature-based, Attractiveness, Visitors’ satisfaction, Cross River State, Nigeria

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