OGOUN, Helen-May
Department of Management
Faculty of Management Sciences
Niger Delta University Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State, Nigeria;
From a literature decomposition perspective, the study gleaned the implicit role of conflict management as
a core but un-listed function of every leader, whether trained on the skill-sets required for effective conflict
management or not. From the preponderance of literature evidence, the onus of conflict management rests
on leadership at all levels. No leader can recuse themselves on the grounds that it is not stated in their letter
of engagement. Therefore, the study concludes that workplace conflict management is an inherent
leadership imperative; and recommends that organisations should invest in training their leaders on optimal
conflict management skills. Furthermore, leaders must understand the inherent nature of the task of conflict
management at all levels of leadership and strive to acquire the needed skill-sets on their own, even when
no provision is made by the organisation, as well as ensure a behavioural disposition that optimizes conflict
resolution gains.
Keywords: Behavioural disposition, leadership imperative, skill-sets, workplace conflict management.

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