NJOMS Volume 23, Issue 2, (August, 2022)

  1. Data warehouse: A tool for organizational efficiency Chinyere, J. O.
  2. Condition of service and workers’ productivity in knowledge-based public institutions Fasunwon, A. F.
  3. Assessment of intellectual, social and affective (ISA) engagement of academics in Nigerian Universities Nwachukwu, C., & Osa-Izeko, E.
  4. Government anti-corruption instruments’ unity and prosecution of corrupt public officers: Accounting practitioners’ perspective Osagioduwa, L. O., Mozie, E. P., Ogudo, O. O., & Uyi, N.
  5. Perceived organisational support and job-related wellbeing in Nigeria universities Nwachukwu, C., & Omofowa, S.
  6. Consumer-Brand knowledge and relationship: Dynamics of the marketspace for Bournvita beverage drink Sanni, S. A.
  7. Appraisal of forensic accounting techniques as a tool for fighting financial crimes in Nigeria Nwaoligbo, V. C., &Okoro, O. L.
  8. Implementation challenges and impact of Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) on the Nigerian public sector Ogiriki, T., & Atagboro, E.
  9. Employees’ affective commitment and organizational growth in the hospitality industry in Rivers State Fidelis, R. O.
  10. Dividend decisions and profitability of quoted food and beverages firms in Nigeria Akani, H. W., & James, S. A.
  11. Organizational change and productivity of deposit money banks’ staff in Port Harcourt Chukwuma, N. N.
  12. Human resource management and resilience of service firms in the post Covid-19 era Nwachukwu, P. I., Sokari, N. M., Nwibaedee, L., & Potopregha, M.
  13. Capital market development and capital formation in Nigeria Anyamaobi, C., & Okey-Nwala, P. O.
  14. Employee motivation and organizational performance amidst Covid-19 Pandemic Arisi-Nwugballa, E. A., Emaimo, J., Nwankwoala, C. J., & Nwachukwu, U. L.  
  15. Entrepreneurial ventures and insecurity in Nigeria: A case of selected enterprises in Kaduna State Ekoja, G. O., Tamunomoni, A. C. B., Okafor, C. A., & Okpebenyo, W.
  16. Pension fund investment and economic development in Nigeria Ogonda, Gift. O., & Okiakpe, E. K.
  17. Employee recognition and industrial harmony: The experience of multinational oil companies in Rivers State Badey, P. K., & Korsi, G. D.
  18. Strategic thinking and performance of small and medium-scale enterprises in South-south Nigeria Onoriode, O. H.
  19. Influence of brand personality on purchase decision of buyers of smartphone in Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria Adindu, C. P., & Aniuga, C.`
  20. The role of trust in the strategic management process: An empirical dimension to trust develop ment in the strategy management process Bayo, P. L., & Gabriel, J. M. O.
  21. The effect of inflation on return on investment in Nigeria Fashagba, M. O., Atsanan, A., Yadok, N. G., & Adebayo, T. Y.
  22. Green computing and wellbeing of employees of indigenous oil companies in Rivers State Bestman, A. E., & Obadan, V. M.
  23. Entrepreneurship skills required by secondary school graduates in pepper fruit (Dennettia tripetala) production enterprises in Kogi State Yahaya, J., Ameh, T. A., & Alexander, O.
  24. Psychological capital and employee involvement among money deposit banks in Port Harcourt Olomi, P. O., & Merue, E. O.
  25. Price fairness and customer loyalty of food and beverage industry in Port Harcourt Ogonu, G. C., & Ihunwo, E. C.
  26. Justification of environmental accounting report in product and process design of manufacturing companies Abdulkareem, I. T., Godwin, C., & Inedu, C.
  27. Survival of small and medium scale enterprises: the role of micro-finance banks: A study of Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro Microfinance Bank Ogun State Fatogun, O. I.
  28. Search convenience and satisfaction of customers of independent petroleum product marketers in Port Harcourt Owuso, S. M., & Ebenuwa, A.  
  29. Perception of workplace politics and employee performance: Empirical evidence from infant firms in Southwest Nigeria Oladejo, D. A., Obadare, G. O., & Samuel, A. O.
  30. Human resource forecasting and effectiveness of manufacturing firms in Rivers State Osho, O. K., Nwachukwu, P. I., & Walter, O. G.
  31. Leadership styles and leadership qualities for organizational success: A review of literature Pembi, S., Usman, F. I., Kwajaffa, B. F., & Ametefe, M. D.
  32. Investigating public secondary school teachers’ attitude towards purchase of micro-insurance products in Nigeria Bamgbose, O. S., Olufawo, H. S., Tairu, F. G., & James, M.T.
  33. Relationship between board size and tax compliance in listed consumer goods firms in Nigeria Sanni, M. R., Ojedele, M. I., Soyinka, K. A., & Abu, J. A.
  34. Does interest rate affect the growth of small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria? Ashogbon, M. B. A., Onyenebo, I. N., & Orefuwa, F. I.
  35. Effects of political marketing on political attitude among youths in Nigeria: 2023 presidential election in focus Aniuga, C., Adindu, C. P., Okonkwo, R. V., & Obasiabara, B. O.
  36. Relevance of capital structure in a global village Ashogbon, M. B. A.
  37. The moderating role of risk preferences on the effect of tax amnesty on tax compliance Auwal, A., Abdulkadir, A., & Sani, S.
  38. A qualitative evaluation of compatibility of digital banking channels and behaviour of Nigerian consumers Salau, A. A., Oladosu, M. O., Akanbi, K. L., & Ajeigbe, M. B.
  39. Business ethics and performance of quick service restaurants in Rivers State Nwachukwu, P. I., Walter, O. G., & Agbenyo, J. U.
  40. Qualitative Analysis Of Succession Planning And Sustainability Of Block Making Firms In Kwara State Nigeria.
  41. Human resource information systems and product offering of manufacturing firms in Rivers State, Nigeria Obara, C. E., & Ekweozor, C. U.
  42. Effects of financial conditions on return on equity of deposit money banks in Nigeria Akani, E. N., & Ordu, C. N.
  43. Risk exposures in the 21th century and mitigation strategies by Nigerian small and medium-sized enterprises Banjo, K. A., Olufawo, H. S., Ogunlami, K. O., & Lawal, S. A.