Volume 24, Issue 1a, (February, 2023)

Qualitative analysis of succession planning and sustainability of block making firms in Kwara State Nigeria Mustapha, R. O., Nassir, B. A., & Olusegun, D. O. 1-7

Strategy implementation and organizational performance of deposit money banks in Nigeria Nwani, B. S., & Odiri, V. I. O. 8-20

Improving sales volume of small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs): Relevance of business strategies Uwasomba, C. E., & Boniface, M. O. 21-32

Incentives and performance of employees of manufacturing firms in River State Chukwuma, N. N. 33-40

Green practices and stock market performance of deposit money banks in Nigeria: A dynamic panel data analysis approach Egbadju, L. U., & Chijioke, W. I. 41-51

Financial deepening and capital market efficiency in Nigeria Anyamaobi, C., & Okey-Nwala, P. O. 52-65

Driving customer loyalty through premiums: The experience of bottling companies in Rivers State Ogonu, G. C., Hamilton-Ibama, E. L. 66-73

Distribution strategies and marketing performance: A focus on the Nigeria brewery industry Ohai, I., & Iyadi, R. C. 74-83

Do auditors’ characteristics enhance quality of financial reporting in Nigeria? Egbadju, L. U., & Chijioke, W. I. 84-101

Determinants of deposit money bank credit to manufacturing sector in Nigeria Ademola, A. O., & Afolabi, D. O. 102-117

Corporate planning and organizational performance: A study of insurance firms in Nigeria Enweazu, O. C., Okonji, P. S., & Olayemi, O. O. 118-129

Environmental accounting practices and net profit of quoted oil and gas companies in Nigeria Damieibi, I. J. 130-140

Technological challenges of accounting as a tool for socio-economic development in Nigeria and the way out Sanni, M. R., Adegoke, A. K., Abu, J. A., & Ojo, J. A. 141-153

Corporate social responsibility and accounting-based financial performance of listed consumer goods companies in Nigeria Yunusa, G., Jerry, M. S., & Ayuba, Toma 154-164

Moderating effect of risk committee presence on the nexus between CEO characteristics and dividend policy: Evidence from listed companies in Nigeria Abdulwahab, A. I., Bala, H., Yahaya, O. A., & Khatoon, G. 165-176

Credit Risk And Profitability Of Deposit Money Banks In Nigeria

Fixed income security market and Nigeria’s capital market performance Owoeye, S. D., Olabisi, J., Olowoyo, B. J., & Dada, M. A. 177-185

Performance of small and medium-scale agribusinesses in Rivers State: The efficacy of channelbonding capability Ateke, B. W., & Godday, R. L. 186-201

Corporate ethics: A tool for organizational performance Badey, P. K., & Korsi, G. D. 202-210

Corporate governance mechanisms and tax avoidance among deposit money banks in Nigeria Yahaya, A., Abdulkadir, J., & Lawal, A. B. 211-223

Role of negotiation in buyer supplier relationship in the Nigerian oil and gas industry Nwankiti, C. O., Air, C. 224-232

Macroeconomic variables and productivity of Nigeria’s manufacturing sector Anochie, U. C., Okereafor, G., & Bashir, M. O. 233-242

Employee performance appraisal and career advancement in Nigerian public organizations: An explicatory review Arimie, C. J., & Orobosa, A. I. 243-252

Appropriate rationalization of value-added tax and human development index Ogonda, G. O., Wikpe, C. J., & Zukbee, J. D. 253-260

Monetary incentives and workers’ performance: A study of Crown Flour Mills, Chikun local government Kaduna State Zakwai, S., & Zakwai, S. 261-274

Subcontracting and organizational performance: A case study of Nigerian Bottling Company Okon, N. B. 275-287

Intellectual capital and dividend policy formulation: Evidence from Nigeria’s non-financial firms Adenle, O. E., Adeoye, L. A., Adamu, D., & Mbah, F. I. 288-296

Branding: Concept, essence and marketing imperatives Okereafor, G., Ogungbangbe, B. M., & Anyanwu, A. 297-308

Electronic banking adoption and performance of deposit money banks in Nigeria Mboto, H. W., Takon, S. M., Bekom, A. O., Nkamare, S. E., & Asukwo, J. I. 309-317

Supply chain management practices and SMEs performance: Role of information technology capability Igashi, M., Ringim, K. J., Bugaje, I. B., & Sambo, H. S. 318-330

Brand image and customer patronage of petroleum products in Calabar metropolis Anyadighibe, J. A., Ezekiel, M. S., Awara, N. F., & Udey-Mgbado, L. O. 331-340

Socio-Economic development among women in Jos, Plateau State: The place of skill acquisition Okoye, N., & Amehojo, D. 341-348

Electronic banking systems and the performance of deposit money banks in Nigeria Gbanador, M. A. 349-360

Disclosure and transparency under international corporate governance network and disclosure requirements under international financial reporting standards. MBU-OGAR, Geraldine, KANGKPANG, Kechi Alphonsus, NKIRI, Joseph Enyam, IBEMBEM, Fidelis Ajim. 361-370

Mediating Effect Of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour On The Relationship Between Organizational Justice And Turnover Intention. 371 – 380. | IKYANYON, Darius N. &  AGBATAR, Patricia A

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