NJOMS Volume 24, Issue 1b, (February, 2023)

Rethinking fiscal responsibility for better governance in Nigeria Otalor, J. I., Kankpang, A. K., & Ayanbeshishie, S. A. 1-11

Performance of small and medium-scale enterprises in Imo State: The effects of financing decisions and working capital management John, B. A., Tsaku, D. I., & Amadi, U. R. 12-20

Big data tools and performance of agribusiness in Rivers State Dick, A. S., Elekwachi, H. N., & Alalibo, O. O. 21-31

Accounting estimates and profitability of listed agricultural companies in Nigeria Okafor, V. I., & Egiyi, M. A. 32-41

Interest rate spread and deposit money banks’ performance in Nigeria: A comparative analysis of performance indicators Ariwa, F. O., & Uremadu, S. O. 42-48

Environmental information disclosures and value of agro-manufacturing firms in Nigeria Iyoha, A. I., & Igbinovia, I. M. 49-61

Management accounting techniques and performance of SMEs in Nigeria: Moderating role of accounting information quality Oladele, T. O., Alagbe, E. A., & Ojo, O. I. 62-73

Tourism potentials of colonial relics and implications for development of Lokoja community, Kogi State, Nigeria Chikezie, J., Adedeji, E. O., Attahiru, H., & Meduna, P. N. 74-80

Foreign direct investment inflows and non-oil exports in Nigeria: A VAR investigation Alugbuo, J. C., Eze, E., & Osuji, O. 81-96

Financial deepening and liquidity of Nigeria’s capital market: A time series study Lenyie, L., Rogers-Banigo, I., & Omubo-Pepple, S. N. 97-109

Assessment of entrepreneurship education as a tool for self-reliance in Adamawa State tertiary institutions, Nigeria Shuwa, A. S., Ahmed, U., & Gambo, I. 110-116

Cloud computing capability and organizational communication of public tertiary institutions in Rivers State Elekwachi, H. N., Dick, A. S., & Omunakwe, P. O. 117-125

Customized workplace tools and productivity of oil and gas servicing firms in Rivers State, Nigeria Echendu, S. I. 126-133

Organizational performance: The imperatives of employee engagement and job satisfaction Oyebanji, S. O., Folorunsho, I. T., Dada, O., Adeagbo, K. R., Adeniji, O. D., & Olaleye, Z. O. 134-143

Impact of corporate social responsibility on brand image of MTN in Nigeria Kwagga J. F. K., & Samuel, E., & Medugu, M. H. 144-153

Conflict management styles and performance of Nigerian Agip Oil Company in Egbema, Rivers State ISAAC, O. I. 154-162

Brand positioning and marketing wellness of food and beverage firms in Rivers State Agburum, O., & Enin, U. E. 163-172

Sustainability reporting and corporate survival of selected oil and gas companies in Nigeria Mbu-Ogar, G. B. Kangkpang, K. A., Nkiri, J. E., & Amoke, C. V. 173-182

Tax revenue and economic growth in a developing economy: Evidence from Nigeria Kwode, E. I., & Dania, E. 183-191

Customer data management and marketing effectiveness of upscale dining restaurants in Port Harcourt Adiele, K. C., Jaja, H. P., & Kenneth-Adiele, N. 192-203

Employee benefit schemes and company performance in Lagos State, Nigeria Oladejo, D. A., Aderinto C. O., Obadare, G. O., & Oladunjoye, O. T. 204-213

Electronic health record and patient satisfaction in public hospitals: Moderating role of operational efficiency Gumus, M. A., Andah, R. A., & Muhammad, M. K. 214-223

Leader mindfulness and sustainability of major multinational oil and gas companies in Rivers State Chigbu, I. E., & Olomi, P. O. 224-236

Job enlargement and commitment of employees of insurance companies in Rivers State, Nigeria Owhorji, S., & Bayo, P. L. 237-244

Employee cultural diversity and organisational performance in Adamawa State University Mubi Fudamu, A. U. 245-256

Predicting mobile phone attributes that influence customer satisfaction using the Kano model Iluno, E. C., Usman, N., Agina, E. K., & Umoru, H. E. 257-267

Product quality and loyalty of consumers of star lager beer in Enugu metropolis, Nigeria Aniuga, C., Adindu, C. P., & Obasiabara, B. O. 268-276

Job enrichment and organizational efficiency: A study of Niger Flour Mills Calabar, Nigeria Egbe, S. E., & Aturu-Aghedo, C. 277-285

Service differentiation and marketing performance of domestic airlines in Nigeria Adiele, K. C., Amesi, P. C., & Wejinya, S. W. 286-294

An investigation of supply chain disruption mitigation strategies: Evidence from Kaduna, Nigeria Musa, A., & Ali, I. L. 295-302

Adaptive marketing strategies: A panacea for business stability in the Covid-19 era Ogah, A. V., & Iyaji, E. I. 303-312

Causes and management of stress amongst hotel employees in Ilorin west local government area, Kwara State, Nigeria Chikezie, J., Adedeji, E. O., Meduna, P. N., & Joshua, D. A. 313-320

Exchange rate volatility and import volume: X-raying Nigeria’s economic dependence Agbaeze, C. C., Alamba, S. C., & Ejelonu, H. O. 321-334

Human resources management practices and employee retention of government-owned hospitals in Port Harcourt Chukwuma, N. N. 335-343

Financial leverage and profitability of recapitalized banks in Nigeria from 2010 – 2021 Okeke, P. C. 344-351

Banking sector reform and financial performance of deposit money banks in Nigeria Akani, Henry Waleru 352-363

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